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Human Resources

"Support of equal rights for all regardless of race or sex, with recognition of the special needs of American Indians: action to combat poverty and discrimination and to provide equal access to employment, housing, and quality education."

Program on state and local levels under human resources are in the areas of education, welfare, housing, and equal rights for women. New areas to look at, though the Hawaii League has no consensus positions, deal with Early Childhood Education and Care, Juvenile Delinquency Master Plan, and Master Plan on the Elderly.

Present standards governing day care centers address physical structure regulations, such as adequate ventilation, kitchen, and toilet facilities. What is now lacking are standards regarding nutrition and physical and social development. The proposal would provide for these and establish regional resource centers which all licensed day care units would be required to utilize monthly. The proposal does not define minimum education standards but attempts instead to provide exposure to curriculum.

The proposal also calls for a directory of day care units, informational services, and parent education seminars.

(The DSSH licenses family and public day care centers. Several federally-funded demonstration projects are located in Kalihi-Palama. For more information on day care standards and listings on Oahu, call Blanche Maa, 548-4699.)

An Ad Hoc Committee of law enforcement professionals and community leaders will be supporting legislation to enact a Juvenile Justice Coordinating Council to oversee and coordinate agencies which deal with juvenile delinquents. The goal is to establish youth service centers using existing agencies such as YMCAs, Palama Settlement.

Supporters of the Coordinating Council say the present system (offense-arrest-detention home-hearings-resulting police record) does not provide sufficient counseling and in-between time to work out the problem. The proposal emphasizes rehabilitation, utilizing the youth service centers for counseling, rather than detention home.

The Master Plan for Elderly Programs proposes a $50-million package to strengthen programs for the elderly in health care, housing, public transportation, and outreach efforts. It would replace the Commission on Aging with an Executive Office on Aging to coordinate and manage service programs on a statewide basis and strengthen county units on aging to manage and direct integrated service programs for the elderly. (M. Kawashima has inquired whether these functions cannot be accomplished under the present structure of the Commission on Aging.)

These issues bear close watching.

Published four times a year by the League of Women Voters of Hawaii,
1802 Keeaumoku Street, Honolulu, Hawaii 96822.
Melvia Kawashima, President/Editor
Vol. XI, No. 3

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