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Know Your Schools Questionnaire

Know Your Schools Questionnaire

Specific Questions for Specific Schools

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The Know Your Schools handbook does not directly answer these questions but gives direction to your source. Each school and each district varies.


What are the district boundaries? Which schools are in the district? In what cases is a district exception given? What procedures must be followed to obtain an exception? What provisions are made for transferring from one school to another?


What are the socioeconomic characteristics of the district? How many children in the district? Proportion of school-age children to general population? If proportion has changed in the past few years, what are the reasons? How good is school attendance? How is attendance enforced? Reasons for non-attendance?


Who is in charge of curriculum planning? Do teachers at individual schools have a voice in planning? Do students? Are all school subjects taught uniformly through the state; or does each school have its particular programs? Who selects texts, equipment, etc.? Are programs evaluated? By whom? Does the school have enrichment programs - music, art, foreign language, advanced classes in science, math, etc.?


Does the school have a physical education program? How extensive? Vocational training? Special education for retarded, culturally deprived, foreign students (English as a second language)? Does the school receive federal funds for any special programs? Is there an adult education program? Work-study program?


Is there a "track" system in the school (college bound, vocational, etc.)? Are grouped by ability? How ,else grouped? What percentage go on to college? Are there follow-up studies on graduates? What information is collected and how is it used?


What is the school policy on discipline? Homework? How is education for citizenship handled? What are the safeguards for the rights of students? Who decides?


Are cumulative records kept for each student? What information is recorded? Besides academic testing, are students tested regularly to detect learning disabilities (speech, hearing, reading)? What provisions are made for children with learning disabilities? Is tutoring available for students to make up work missed through illness or simply having trouble with a subject?


What extra-curricular activities does the school offer? Is there a sports program? Student council? Who decides? Who is in charge of these activities?


What is the student/teacher ratio at the school? How is class size determined? What percentage of teachers is tenured? Is there in-service 'training for teachers? Do" the school have teachers aides? Practice teachers? Are parents encouraged to lend special talents? Ideas? Who determines the number of teachers at the school?


What is the student/counselor ratio at the school? What are counselor duties? Are counselors readily accessible to students? Is their function mainly disciplinary, or do they advise on program selection, college choice, etc.? Who decides how many counselors per school?


Who appoints principals and vice-principals? How does the "chain of command" operate? D' students and parents have input? At what level? Teachers, principal school board, Department of Education? How effective are district advisory councils? Board of Education? How well does the school keep the public informed?


How much money is spent per pupil? How much money per school? Who decides? Who divides school money among departments? Who sets priorities?'


What are state building regulations? Is the school safe, sanitary? How many rooms are portables? Are the grounds well kept? Who is in charge? Is there enough playground space, equipment? Does the school have a library, gymnasium, cafeteria auditorium?

January 1975

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