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From the President

Two years go by swiftly as state President yet there were times when endless responsibilities and organization problems could not make time go fast enough! But the rewards of League are many as long as we keep our perspective about what we do, why we do it, how we do it. With this format, there is tremendous opportunity for personal growth, As Leaguers we all have this potential to serve and contribute in the myriad of jobs we. have I hope you have been enriched by your experience as I have.

This issue of Leo Hana is devoted to State Convention. Come and share with no our triumphs and semi-defeats (we never lose, we just shift priorities!) as we evaluate and plan for the next two years, Come and thank our hard working state and local board members and welcome our new officers with an extra commitment from you to help our membership and money drives!

See you there,

Melvia Kawashima

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