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Help Wanted or What's Your Bag?

There is much that needs to be done in League, and there are a lot of members who want to do something of value with their time. Sometimes the twain just doesn't meet, and we would like to "get it together". If you have a burning interest in a specific area, let State Board know - contact President Pat Shutt or any other Board member and we will try to provide direction for your interest. League program is broad and there is surely a place for your energies.

Some specific areas where help is needed:

  1. Con-Con - Marian Wilkins is busy getting a coalition of community groups together to campaign for a "YES" vote for holding a Constitutional Convention. After the question has passed on the ballot (and we are confident that with enough public education it will) there are many issues to be debated and studied, such as:

    Unicameralism - Marian's Con-Con Committee will be putting out a FACTS AND ISSUES soon.

    State Finance Schools Legislative Session

    Expansion Legislators as Con-Con Delegates

    Initiative, Referendum, and Recall Etc.

  2. LEO HANA - Many jobs are open including layout, typing, art work and assembly. And writing. Please contact Sue Francis.

  3. League Finance Drive - Practice your public relations!

  4. Any aspects of League programs on Environmental Quality, Open Government, Human Resources, you name it.

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