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Change? How?


When the unicameral study started, it soon became obvious that we had to examine other features that differentiated our legislature from that of Nebraska. A unicameral legislature identical to Nebraska"s could be adopted or a unicameral legislature could be adopted with none of the features of Nebraska's. On the other hand, our bicameral legislature could be maintained as is or with changes.

The Honolulu League is holding a general meeting on December 8 (see Aloha Voter for details. Neighbor island members consult your publications for any meetings) to help members consider the various areas of possible change. Consensus will be taken at the January units for the Honolulu League. The Facts and Issues entitled UNICAMERALISM AND OTHER LEGISLATIVE REFORMS recently published briefly examines several of the issues, so be sure to read it and then attend the meetings on the subject.

Discussion Questions:

a) What is the role of a state legislature?

b) What features will best enable a legislature to carry out its role?

Consensus Questions:

  1. Should Hawaii make any changes in its legislature?

  2. Should Hawaii adopt a unicameral legislature?

  3. Should Hawaii adopt or make changes in any of the following:

    1. Partisan or non-partisan legislature

    2. Single or multiple member districts

    3. Number of legislators

    4. Pay

    5. Length of session

    6. Limit on terms

    7. Limit on number of bills

    8. Items that are now covered in rules included instead in the Constitution or covered by statute

    9. Others?

In thinking about these topics remember that there is not necessarily a "right" or "wrong" way to run a legislature. Government and people are flexible. Change can be good, bad or indifferent but certainly not dull!


The study committee is just starting and if anyone would like to get in on this very interesting subject please contact Marian Wilkins, 261-0549. We will share our material with the Hawaii County League soon.

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