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A Job - for Pay

The State Board has received the following request from the Bureau of National Affairs:

Wanted: Researchers

Pay: $10 per hour to be split 50/50 with the state LWV. Plus travel costs @12a per mile, postage and copying costs reimbursed.

Job: Collection of legislation (bills and signed laws) and proposed and final state regulations in these areas -- HOUSING AND DEVELOPMENT, ENVIRONMENT, PRODUCT SAFETY, NOISE, ENERGY, FAMILY LAW.

Many of us are already involved in this kind of research. Here is a chance for one of our members to be paid! It is a great chance to learn more about state government and earn some money for the League and for yourself at the same time. In a state our size it is estimated that the work will be about 20 hours per month. You may apply at once. Call the office or send a card soon.

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