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Who Said...?

"We seek to repulse and repudiate existing governmental forms which, while they may appear sacrosanct, hallowed by time and usage, nevertheless serve us ill. We would shed the past and make our own future. This future shall embody the intangible values of a yet more distant past, one altered by sometimes positive, but foreign and detrimental catalysts. The progression of history, the common good of our residents require this action."

A Son of Liberty calling for revolution? No. For the answer refer to the bottom of Page 2 of the enclosed LEGISLATIVE LOG.

Answer to WHO SAID...?: Rep. Byron Baker in H.B. 664, relating to the submission of a question to the electorate to act on the right of secession from the United States of America. The bill has been laid to rest this session. For more information on status of bills relating to several important issues go back to the beginning of the LEGISLATIVE LOG.

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