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Public Opinion on the UN - What the Pollsters Forget to Ask (Barbara Farwell)
Legislative Reform: Consensus
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Proposed Budget - Fiscal Year 1977-78
Legislative Log (Muriel Roberts)

Proposed Bylaw Changes

*Underscoring indicates addition to bylaws.
*Parentheses indicate deletion

ARTICLE II, SEC. I. Purpose. The purpose of the League of Women Voters of Hawaii shall be to promote political responsibility through informed and active participation of citizens in government and to act on selected governmental issues.

Explanation: this addition is in conformance with Standard Bylaws set forth by the LWVUS.

ARTICLE IV, SEC. 4. The Secretary-Treasurer. The Secretary Treasurer shall keep minutes of all conventions and councils of the League, and of all meetings of the Board of Directors.

Explanation: proceedings of State Councils should also be recorded.

ARTICLE V, SEC. 2. Qualifications. No person shall be elected or appointed or shall continue to serve as an Officer or Director of this corporation unless the person is a voting member enrolled in a local League of Women Voters in the State of Hawaii or a member-at-large of the State League (who is a citizen 18 years of age or older).

Explanation: Article III spells out eligibility for membership, including age

ARTICLE VII, SEC. 1. Fiscal Year. The fiscal year of the League of Women Voters of Hawaii shall commence on the first of (April) July each year.

Explanation: Officers are elected at convention in May. Starting the new fiscal year in April creates a lame duck situation. By changing the fiscal year to July 1 - June 30 there will be tine for an audit of the books and for the new treasurer to learn how the accounts are kept.

ARTICLE VII, SEC. 2. Budget. The Board shall submit to the Convention for adoption a budget for the ensuing year. This budget shall provide for the support of (the League of Women Voters of the United States as well as for) the State League. A copy of the budget shall be sent to each local League president at least two months in advance of the Convention.

Explanation: effective at National Convention '73, state pledges to National League will be eliminated.

ARTICLE VIII, SEC. 3. Qualifications of Delegates and Voting. Each delegate shall be a voting member enrolled in a recognized local League of the League of Women Voters of Hawaii.

Explanation: further definition of who may be a convention delegate.

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