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Public Opinion on the UN - What the Pollsters Forget to Ask (Barbara Farwell)
Legislative Reform: Consensus
State Convention: Flight into the Future - Hawaii's Economy
Proposed State Officer Slate 1977-79
Proposed Bylaw Changes
Proposed Program
Proposed Budget - Fiscal Year 1977-78
Legislative Log (Muriel Roberts)

Proposed State Officer Slate 1977-79

President: Jerry Hess

Vice President: Sue Francis

Secretary/Treasurer: Laura Goo

Directors (two years):

Anne Marie Duca
Beverly Endrizal
Caroline Ingersoll
Marian Wilkins

Nominating Committee for 1977-79:

Alice Scott, Chairperson
Jane Ball
Dale Bachman

Submitted by the Joint Nominating Committee for State and Honolulu Leagues (1975-77): Betty Anderson, Anna Hoover, Terry Jaskot, Nancy Guille, Mildred Walston, Wendy Wong, Craig Whitesell, Jerry Hess, Fay Solner.

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