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Public Opinion on the UN - What the Pollsters Forget to Ask (Barbara Farwell)
Legislative Reform: Consensus
State Convention: Flight into the Future - Hawaii's Economy
Proposed State Officer Slate 1977-79
Proposed Bylaw Changes
Proposed Program
Proposed Budget - Fiscal Year 1977-78
Legislative Log (Muriel Roberts)

Proposed Program


  1. Sunshine in Collective Bargaining - action to get this implemented.

  2. Solid Waste - support recycling and resource recovery by private industry with cooperation and support from government.

  3. Land Use - support comprehensive planning as the basis of land use decisions, public input into the planning process, device to insure coordination and cooperation between state and county planning, and controls for conservation districts.

  4. Energy - particularly energy conservation in building standards and transportation.

  5. Constitutional Convention - lobbying items of League positions which can be included in the State Constitution.


  1. Campaign Financing - try to reach consensus on public financing given the new Supreme Court ruling on the listing of limitations.

  2. Schools - re-examine our position regarding the elected School Board and school financing for member update and possible action.

  3. Primary Election - open vs. closed primary election process.


  1. Housing - our position is covered under National League's Human Resources consensus.

  2. Ethics - all parts of this position have been implemented except for having legislators included, and other groups are active in this area. 3.

  3. Hawaii Wallet - lack of member interest and lack of a study committee.

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