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ERA Means Equal Rights for Men and Women


I can give you some idea of what to expect of the State Board in the next two years: We will come to some position on which we can lobby at the Legislature for Sunshine on Collective Bargaining. We will become more visible and active in the Human Resources area. We will also again become more responsive under our schools positions. We have an appointed Environmental Quality Chairman that will keep us in touch with National and local problems as they arise. We are sending 2 delegates to a National Energy Conference in Washington, D.C. the first week of June--one is a League member Judy Collins, the other is Carolyn Ogawa from the State Energy Office, and they will return with a little money, and a statewide program in Energy Conservation. We will also be sending 3 other Leaguers, Dorothy Marsh, Muriel Roberts and Pat Shutt to a Coastal Zone Management Conference the middle of June and they will return with some money and a proposal for a statewide program concerning Coastal Zone Management. There will be two studies that we will be asking for consensus. They are both familiar problems that need a second look--Campaign Spending, and Hawaii's Primary election.

You know how I feel about ERA, and I hope you are convinced that the League does have some responsibility in supporting National to get those last 3 states ratified.

We need your help, both on ERA and on implementing our ambitious state program.

Jerry Hess

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