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Inside... Collective Bargaining

Commissioner Gayle Weinriter, labor mediator from the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service was the speaker at the LWV convention dinner. In reviewing recent trends in union contracts, he pointed out that one notable change has been the number of contracts containing COLA (cost of living allowance) clauses. In 1970, one million workers were covered by COLA as compared to six million workers having the same benefits in 1976. As unions become more powerful there is an acceleration of the rate of wage increases, Health, retirement, and COLA packages are the frosting on the salary increase cake.

Commenting on the local question of Sunshine in negotiations, Mr. Weinriter demurred from taking a hard and fast stance. He felt that the delicate nature of negotiations would be disturbed by the glare of television's klieg lights. Compromises made in the hallway or over a cup of coffee are currently an integral part of the negotiating process. He fears grandstanding by some and an increases reticence by others if the public eye were upon them. Mr. Weinriter, however, felt some benefits would come from open meetings. Both sides would make more reasonable initial demands and offers. A more conciliatory tone and rational compromise might recuit as each side considers the public relations factor. In summary though, Mr. Weinriter's intuition and experience favored continued secrecy in negotiations.

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