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How Much Do We Want Equal Rights?
Charting Our Course
Inside... Collective Bargaining
1977 Convention Wrap-Up: A Look at Hawaii's Present Economy
Excerpts (Jerry Hess)
Resolution Presented and Passed at State Convention (Adeline Schutz)
Convention Business
State Board
National Energy Conference
Statement of Position
CZM Grant
ERA Means Equal Rights for Men and Women

Statement of Position

The League of Women Voters believes that the United Nations remains the best existing instrument to promote world peace and to improve the social and economic health of the world's people. We strongly support U.S. participation in the UN system and favor U.S. policies that strengthen the UN's capacity to solve problems of global interdependence.

The League of Women Voters believes that the United States should support the United Nations and its specialized agencies and should provide financial contributions commensurate with its ability to pay. The United States should actively work for international cooperation among nations through the UN system. The League reaffirms its support of the basic procedures specified by the Charter, while favoring modifications that would make the UN system more efficient and better equipped to deal with complex world problems,

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