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Many Sides of Action: Any Member Can Be a Lobbyist
Money and the Lack of It
Ka Po'e - The People Are the Source of the Law
ERA Update Hawaii
Legislative Reform Consensus
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Study: Primary Process
Thank God, It's NMP (Sue Francis)
When We Look at the Problems of Our Cities (Ruth Clusen)

The Many Sides of Action: Any Member Can Be a Lobbyist

When we go thru the nitty gritty process of proposing and deciding on our program at State Convention: then follow with the studying and examining of the many sides of the issues, we have one purpose in mind -- to influence and change government. When we beg, borrow and grub for the money necessary to publish Facts and Issues, and brochures (like the recent ERA brochure) using the tool of education to inform ourselves, the public and our Legislators we have one purpose in mind -- to influence and change government. This is what the League means by Action. Our League program, local, state and national is our ACTION agenda.

The League like other interest groups knows that public policy is the result of the "push and pull" of competing interests. We have demonstrated in the past that we can "push and pull" with the best of them. We are not dismayed by the so called clout of Labor Unions, Businesses, and Governmental Agencies: nor are we confounded by the proliferation of citizen advocate groups found around the Legislature.

We are always lobbying in one way or another. You don't need a card or special stamp to lobby. Every time you talk to your neighbors and friends about League concerns you are lobbying. Right now we should be lobbying our own Legislators while they're still around their island homes, and before they begin to meet in party caucuses. To be effective in our state lobbying efforts we begin before the January 17th opening day for the 1978 session. When you speak up as a member of the League of Women Voters you have the advantage of speaking from all that you have learned by participating in the study, discussion and consensus of our member-proposed program. We rely on the support and expertise of our members to strengthen us in our lobbying efforts.

You can't beat the informed, committed, stubborn citizen when you want to impress your Legislator, and the informed Legislator has the best chance of impressing thoughtful legislation on the State.


  1. Bone up on the issues. There are great publication in LWV office

  2. Talk to your Legislator, or write a letter - addresses and phone numbers in the office

  3. Let State know what they're saying, and what you're saying to them

  4. Become our Legislature Coordinator for two exciting months

  5. Come to State League Lobbying workshop in January.

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