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Many Sides of Action: Any Member Can Be a Lobbyist
Money and the Lack of It
Ka Po'e - The People Are the Source of the Law
ERA Update Hawaii
Legislative Reform Consensus
Join the d.a.r.
State League... 1978 Legislative Package
Study: Primary Process
Thank God, It's NMP (Sue Francis)
When We Look at the Problems of Our Cities (Ruth Clusen)

When We Look at the Problems of Our Cities

"When we look at the problems of our cities, we must never forget that the quality of existence is what we should be looking at. We aren't a women's issue organization. We aren't an environmental organization. We aren't a voter service, structure of government organization. We aren't a civil rights organization. We are all of these things. And therin lies both our bane and our blessing."

Ruth Clusen
National LWV President

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