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How to Be an Effictive Lobbyist

On January 9th the State League of Women Voters held a Lobbying workshop in the League office for all Honolulu members who wanted to learn about Hawaii's Legislature, and how the LWV monitors, testifies and keeps informed on the progress of bills with which we are concerned. It was successful beyond our expectations. By the time our speaker, Pat Putman, described her experiences and shared her knowledge of the Hawaii Legislature with us, I think we were all convinced that lobbying can be fun, and that being a part of the legislative scene could be a rewarding experience. A simulation game on how to catch the attention and interest, and keep it, of the Legislator who has the power to make the difference proved to reveal to all who participated that there is more than good intentions, and a good cause to being an effective lobbyist. I can only hope that more League members will want to become a part of the League's lobbying Corps. We have an excellent record with Legislators, and are not ignored during the session. The League of Women Voters has a valued reputation at the State Capitol.

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