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Ka Po'e - The People Are the Source of the Law
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Ka Po'e - The People Are the Source of the Law

A project of the League of Women Voters of Hawaii Education Fund, Inc.

By the time this Leo Hana reaches you, you should have seen the Sunday Newspaper supplement published by Ka Po'e Project. We are extremely pleased to have the first component of the project off the press and distributed. Ww would have been more pleased if the gremlins had stayed out of the typesetting and left the right number of delegates (102) and the correct date for the convening of Con Con (July 5, 1978) in the brochure. We have additional copies available if the local Leagues want any for their own use. Please write us at the Ka Pole office or call us at 947-3741.

We are currently reviewing the film script and working out details for that component and hope to have a print available in the first part of February.

The University of Hawaii will be holding a Simulated Con Con starting in late February or early March. We have received a call from Michael Chun, who is in charge of the logistics for the convention, requesting League volunteers to assist him and work through the convention. If you would be interested, please call him directly. He can be reached at 595-6154.

Please let us know of any activities you are involved in on the outer islands related to the Constitutional Convention. We are also keeping a scrap book of Con Con related articles and if you are getting any Press coverage in the local papers, we would appreciate your sending us a copy.

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