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Leaguers Running for Con Con '78
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Leaguers Running for Con Con '78

Jenni Eckert - Honolulu

I love our state and want to help maximize our resources. Hawaii offers not only the beauty of our climate and the rich and varied traditions of our people but also the opportunities and basic stability of our nation as a whole. To make the most of what we have it is important that we review our government and its basic document, the Constitution, regularly. We need to review our Judicial, Executive and Legislative structures, examine educational organizations, review clauses protecting our rights and find means of bringing our government closer to us. I would like to give this job my best effort.

Beverly Endrizal - Honolulu

I joined the League out of frustration with some of the "goings on in my state". Now, with Con Con, I feel that this is my opportunity to have some input into the future of our state. To me, running for Con Con means more involvement with Hawaii. My main areas of interest are the conservation and development of our disappearing resources, the Judiciary, and stronger ethics; but, the Constitution Convention will be open not only to these, but also to many other areas affecting all of us. As a person born in the Islands in the 1940's, I have seen many changes, some good, some bad. As a concerned citizen I want to help shape the destiny of Hawaii.

Courtney Kahr - Kauai

I love the constitution. I like what it does for the people it serves. I see it as the necessary power to make government more responsive to the needs of the individual. In the convention there are many areas I would like to see covered. Included are initiative and referendum, unicameralism, an open primary and stronger county government, an independent committee to screen judicial candidates, submitting names from which the governor must choose judges. Government at all levels, executive, legislative and judicial must become less involved with politics and more concerned with the needs of the individual citizens.

Marion Saunders - Honolulu

I am interested in participating in the Constitutional Convention chiefly because of my commitment to an elected Board of Education. I do not want the Con Con to tamper with the citizen's right to elect the people who will make major decisions on public education. An appointed Board of Education would open the way to politicization of education - a backward and evil trend I want to help prevent. There are other concerns of Con Con - election of prosecutors, selection of judges on the Missouri plan, initiative, referendum and recall to expand the participatory role of the public. On the other hand there are many good things in our Hawaii constitution that should not be tampered with. Finally, I want to help put equal rights for all into the Constitution, without reference to race, religion, age, sex, national origin, ethnic background or handicap.

Barbara Yuen - Honolulu

About two years ago I realized I'd be a candidate for Con Con. The best explanation for this is "the more involved I get, the more involved I got"! Prior to this my home centered life had begun expanding as my sons entered school. As learning problems surfaced, our family life gradually changed. This began my deep involvement with Hawaii Association for Children with Learning Disabilities. As a concerned, frustrated parent, I began bringing these concerns to our legislators. As chairperson of the Honolulu School Advisory Council, and as a member of PTA's, community organizations and the League I gained other valuable learning experiences, In each of these new involvements I found myself reaching limits in helping others concerned. Yet there is much more to be done and Con Con seems to be the next logical step in this direction.

Other Leaguers running for Con Con include: Jen Geiger - Hilo, Roger Endrin - Kauai

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