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Commissioner Resigns

It was with regret that I came to the decision that I would resign from the state Campaign Spending Commission if the legislature again failed to amend the spending law. I had hoped that the legislature would see the great need - to have a workable campaign spending law with two upcoming elections plus ballot issues to be considered this year. Unfortunately this was not to be.

I want the public to be aware of the problems in the present law. It is very hard to write a workable law of this type. It takes a lot of time and thought. It also takes experience to see how it works in practice. Experience shows that we are in trouble with the present law. It should be re-thought and re-written. The half a law we have now is not necessarily better than no law at all. The cost to administer and the burden it places on candidates is hard to justify if the law does not do the job it was intended to do.

Perhaps after the election is over we will have new faces in the legislature who will be more receptive to reform legislation. Or we may have the imitative in the constitution so, if need be, a better law can be enacted with or without the cooperation of the legislature.

Marian Wilkins
March 1978

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