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"All rise, court is now in session. The Honorable Judge now presiding over the Honolulu District Court......"

The League of Women Voters of Hawaii began acting as official court observers for the Hawaii Crime Commission the week of January 15th. Over sixty volunteers participated in a two day training seminar required as preliminary background by the Crime Commission and attended a swearing-in ceremony presided over by Nelson Doi, chairman of the Commission. Then, the work began.

Volunteers attend either Circuit Court or Honolulu District Court sessions and "observe" on a wide number of areas. Early reports from District Court indicate that just hearing the proceedings is often an accomplishment since much of the action takes place immediately in front of the judge's bench in hushed voices or in the judge's chambers, but we leaguers have been cued in that front row left side is often the best vantage point. We've also discovered that the bailiff can be your best friend when you're trying to make sense of the proceeding. Generally patient with our questions, the bailiff can help keep you informed on the latest status of cases scheduled on the day's calendar. It's not unusual on a District Court calendar showing eighteen cases scheduled that as few as eight may go to trial. Continuance is a word we've learned the meaning of, along with preliminary hearing, motions and "voir dire".

For those involved observing seems to guarantee an interesting few hours, an exciting learning experience and an easy way to assist the Hawaii Crime Commission in their work.

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