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D.C. Ratification

(Taxation without representation is tyranny in 1979, just as it was tyranny in 1776)

The United States Congress has passed the Constitutional Amendment to provide full voting representation for residents of the District of Columbia. It is now up to the states to ratify the amendment. Hawaii's legislature may be considering this amendment during the current session. If so, we urge you to contact your representatives to vote in favor of it.

According to a recent Congressional Research Service report, citizens of the District of Columbia pay more than one billion dollars in federal income taxes, an amount greater than 14 of the states. Moreover, the District's per capita tax payment is exceeded by only three states.

Since 1971 the District of Columbia has been represented in the House of Representatives by one popularly elected delegate, who may vote in committee but not on the floor. This situation provides little more than a formal voice on legislative matters. The result of this gross under representation is felt daily by the taxpaying Americans of Washington, D.C. who must rely on a single representative to reflect their legislative interest and to provide constituent services. Only ratification of this congressional amendment can improve their status.

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