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Legislature 1979

Our legislative interviews have had a very slow start because of the reluctance of the legislators to commit themselves on issues before they were fully organized, On the basis of our limited responses it appears that there is little understanding or concern with ratification of the D.C. Amendment. (See page 2) So far, we see no clear responses to Initiative and Referendum; it doesn't seem to be a high priority this year despite all the hoopla after the Constitutional Convention, Opinions on water control powers are generally divided between those "home rulers" who want county control and those who see greater efficiency and lower costs as benefits from having one agency. The interviewed legislators had varied views on education and their individual priorities, but many admitted or indicated that they were waiting for the majority education package before they commit themselves. We hope a clearer picture may emerge when we have completed more interviews and we get further along into the session; however, our initial impressions may just be further evidence of the feeling of uncertainty expressed among the legislators for what will develop in this session.

Nevertheless, leaguers will be busy at the Legislature. Activities of the Education committees, environmental legislation and a possible D.C. voting rights bill will be among our main priorities, League needs people to follow bills, to lobby and occasionally to read testimony. If you are interested in following the activities of' the Legislature or of even one particular bill, call the League office. 531-7448. All help is welcome.

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