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Proposed Program Agenda 1979-81


    1. Campaign Spending and Finance - support effective campaign spending controls, limitations on contributions and expenditures, and indirect public funding of campaigns.

    2. Collective Bargaining - support measures to open the collective bargaining process to the public sector for citizen participation and review.

    3. Initiative and Referendum - support direct initiative for statute law and petition referendum to give citizens the right to affirm or overturn laws passed by the legislature.

    4. Land Use - support comprehensive planning as the basis of land use decisions, public input into the planning process, a device to insure coordination and cooperation between state and county planning, and controls for conservation districts.

    5. Schools - support the public's rights and interests concerning the administration, policy setting, and budget making for the statewide K-12 system. Support equal financing and equal educational opportunities for each child.

    6. Legislative Reform - support a parttime citizen legislature whose structure will insure responsiveness, openness, and efficiency in government. We favor a part-time legislature meeting in a split session with a procedure which would eliminate the duplication of bills and limit the number of bills introduced.

    7. Energy - support public education to promote energy conservation. Support research into alternate resources available in Hawaii. Consideration should be given to environmental effects, economic feasibility, and differing conditions on each island.

    8. Solid Waste - support recycling and resource recovery by private industry and cooperation and support from government.

  2. STUDY

    Hawaii Juvenile Justice System for Criminal Offenders - study of the key components of the system - police, prosecutor, public defender, Family Court, public and private social service agencies, correctional institutions - and the kind of impact their legal bases, purposes, statewide structure, procedures, and practices have on both the juvenile offenders and the community at large.


    Primary Election Process - our intended focus, the political parties and the elections was changed by the Constitutional Convention and ratification of the amendment providing for secrecy of party preference.

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