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A New Publication from LWVUS

Current Focus, "MNT: Breaking the Non-Tariff Barrier" (Publication No. 546).

Our trade position touches the lives of all of us in our use of energy, consumer prices, value of the dollar, and in our relations with other countries. The Tokyo Round of multilateral trade negotiations has been completed and the implementing legislation is now in Congress. This excellent publication defines, in a clear and concise manner, the agreements, the codes, and the problems involved, and the ways in which these agreements are important to us. Copies of this publication are available in the Honolulu/State League office for 30¢ and/or you are welcomed and encouraged to visit the office to read our file copy!! Just to entice you a bit, the following is an excerpt from this new publication.

The Tokyo Round, as it is called, began in 1973 as an outgrowth of an economic summit meeting convened in Tokyo by the major trading nations... It in the seventh such round since 1947, when the multilateral approach to trading was first established through the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT). GATT is not only the first of the sequence of MTN agreements but also the institutional arrangement that monitors and facilitates trade relations among nations.

Participants in the Tokyo Round (98 nations in all) had a double mandate. The first was to continue working toward eliminating tariffs (taxes on imports).... The second mandate -- to devise codes of conduct... governing the use of non-tariff measures that affect trade -- was a new task. And though the successive reductions in tariffs have never been easy, negotiations on non-tariff barriers (usually called NBTs) have proven to be even more difficult.

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