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Quicky Membership Quiz

  1. Yes - No   All meetings are held during the day.

  2. Yes - No   One is invited to join the Yes No League primarily by "word of mouth" rather than by radio, newspaper, or other means.

  3. Yes - No   Any active member who does not attend meetings is considered "inactive."

  4. Yes - No   It is pushy to ask someone to join the League and add, "I can take your check now and get it to our membership chair if that's convenient for you."

  5. Yes - No   Board members often complain about their workload.

  6. Yes - No   A committee member must be a member of the League of Women Voters.

  7. Yes - No   We need members who can be "good" Leaguers and give lots of time. Inactive members just cost us money.

Does your League lock out members? If you have 3 or more "yes" answers, call your local League membership chairperson and volunteer to help OPEN THE DOOR TO LEAGUE!!

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