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School - Community Councils

The Hawaii public school system has what appears to be a very good structure for grassroots participation -- the School-Community Councils (SCC).

On September 21, 1978, the Board of Education adopted the "School-Community Council Policy," stating that "each school shall have a school-community council, with membership representing the community, parents, students, and staff" (School Code Policy: 1210.4). The purpose of each council was stated as follows:

  1. The council is established to provide for community participation in each school, to enable each principal to consider the views and expectations of parents and others on a systematic basis, and to be a grassroots communication link to the district school advisory councils and to the board of education.

  2. The council shall serve as the sounding board and resource of the principal for developing policies, programs and priorities that are responsive to student needs and community desires.

  3. The council shall serve as a forum for sharing and discussing with the home and community, the district school advisory council and the board of education the accomplishments, problems, and needs of the school. (School Code Policy: 1210-4.1).

League members, after reading Schools 2, know that each public school must have an SCC and members understand how the SCC's should function. But are League members involved in the SCC's?

The LWV/Hawaii Schools Committee would like to know if the SCC's are meeting the needs of the community. Is there an active council in every school in Hawaii? How often do the councils meet? How are members of the councils selected?

The Schools Committee encourages responsible community involvement in the public schools. We are working toward quality education in the public schools and feel grassroots participation is a key.

The Schools Committee will meet on Friday, December 7, 1979 at the home of Elizabeth Staley, 909 Koloa Street, Honolulu, Hawaii 96821. All interested members are encouraged and welcome to attend!

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