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Voters Service 1980

Voters Service anticipates a busy year with Election 1980 bringing many changes to Hawaii's voters. We decided at the last State Board meeting to concentrate on what's new at the polls because of the constitutional amendments, legislature, and county charter changes, rather than focus on candidates.

For example, for the first time, voters will be faced with a single party preference primary, mistakenly believed to be an open primary. We want the voters to understand that they will not be able to vote for all the candidates of their choice regardless of the candidate's party, but instead will be given the Democrat and Republican ballots (at this time we're not sure the Libertarians or any other third party will have a ballot). Then in the privacy of the voting booth, the voter will select one party's ballot and cast a vote for candidates on that ballot only.

Also, for the first time, nine members will be elected to a Board of Trustees for the newly established Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA). The board will be elected by persons of Hawaiian ancestry who must register specifically for this special election, which will be held in conjunction with the November 4 general election.

Changes also affect the Board of Education. Thirteen members, instead of the previous nine, will be elected at-large in the general instead of the primary election; the districting has also been changed.

Amendments to county charters also present changes at the local level. For example, Honolulu will be electing a city prosecutor for the first time. At this time we are awaiting word from Hilo and Kauai on specific charter changes.

Our efforts at the present time include: (1) to investigate the possibility of a series of public service announcements on radio and television highlighting the changes; (2) to work out a flyer briefly explaining the changes; (3) to determine how best to get information to the voting public -- can anyone suggest ideas?; and (4) to represent League viewpoint on the Election Advisory Commission.

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