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The Who and Why of Council

Article IX of the State's bylaws spells out the important differences between Council and Convention, the most significant being the function and system of representation.

Council is held in the interim year between Conventions. The formal Call to Council is sent out to the presidents of the local Leagues at least thirty days before the opening date of the Council meeting.

Each League is represented by the president and two delegates and they meet with the members of the State Board in an advisory capacity.

Delegates to Council come prepared to give guidance to the State Board on program, methods of operation and the proposed budget.

The only formal business is the adoption of the budget and the rare occasion when a change in pro-gram is an emergency event "provided that: (a) notice of proposed changes shall have been sent to the presidents of the local Leagues at least two months in advance of the meeting of the council; (b) the change is adopted by a two-thirds vote." The reason for this strict rule concerning program changes is, of course, due to the composition of Council as unrepresentative of the membership since each League, large or small, has the same number of delegates.

The important thing to remember is that the role of a delegate at Council is not the same as at Convention. At Council the delegate is expected to contribute knowledge of his/her League's thinking to the discussions, but the delegate does so as part of an advisory body to the State Board.

It is a wonderful opportunity for the delegates to meet their counterparts from all over the State, to share in discussion of League problems and successes from a statewide point of view and go home richer for the experience. It is a time of strengthening and reinforcing our commitment to the whole League.

It is not too soon to be making plans. Remember, the president and two members from each League qualify as delegates, but visitors are always welcome!

(Source: The Alabama Voter, Vol. XXV, No. 4)

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