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A Review of "The Big Picture"

What developed during "The Big Picture," State's Council 80 held in May? In addition to adopting a budget of $9,040 for fiscal year 1980-81, delegates from Honolulu, Kauai, Hilo, and the State League were briefed by Anne Marie Duca and Muriel Roberts on voter service plans and the complexities of the single party primary, new districting for the Board of Education election, and efforts to register Hawaiians for the special OHA election.

In the vote count training workshop, Mary Ellen Reed recounted experiences of an untrained vote count coordinator who survived to tell about it. The training session, conducted by Ruth Snyder and Helen Griffin, stirred up interest in Honolulu's premiere money maker and tested their soon-to-be-marketed vote count coordinator's guide.

Discussion and questions flowed freely in the juvenile ,justice session, led by Dorothy Bremner, as observers at both Koolau and the Family Court related their observations to Council participants. The uniqueness of the court system on the various islands was noted. A list of issues for community discussion and action was developed by the participants.

What do a hunk of meat, steak, and filet mignon or leisure, sports, and tennis have in common with environment, coastal zone, and shoreline development or with human resources, equal rights, and job discrimination? A workshop by Sue Francis and Pat Shutt on program and action strategy demonstrated that it's easier to deal with specific issues than to deal with broad, amorphous topics. Shore-line development and job discrimination have more direct appeal and interest -- and hence, program possibilities -- than the much broader topics of environment and human re-sources. During an actual exercise, we discovered that a lot of ideas must be cropped and a lot more end up on the cutting room floor before you have a good take.

"The Big Picture" was two days of hard work aimed at putting the League in focus. And it was almost as good as a Saturday matinee or double feature, minus the popcorn.

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