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It's Direct Mail Time!

If you have not heard the good news by now, the League's 1980 direct mail fund drive was a tremendous success! Not only did we cover the printing and mailing costs, but Honolulu and Hilo Leagues also turned a profit! All of this wonderful news would not be possible without the help of all those members who contributed names and addresses of LWV friends to the mailing list. Congratulations to all of you.

However, in the true spirit of the LWV, we are not content to rest on our past accomplishments. There-fore, we once again turn to our membership for names and addresses of LWV friends to add to our mail list. In view of our successful first year drive, we anxiously look forward to our 1981 efforts.

Please send names and addresses to Sue Francis, 116 South King Street, Suite 504, Honolulu, Hawaii 96813 by January 31, 1981.

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