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Message from the President (Rhoda Miller)
Art Show
Action Alert Sounded
Reapportionment Action Reviewed (Anne Lee)
Mahalo (Anna Hoover)
Bed and Breakfast Program
Sign Up for Legislative Interviews
Juvenile Rights Stressed (Cathy Filson)
Maui League Underway
Hazardous Wastes in Hawaii Discussed

A Message from the President

ACTION is the keynote of the new state board. We've been working together for only a few months, but it seems as if we've been attending to League business for years. A big MAHALO to the dedicated board members who are doing a great job: V.P. Marian Wilkins

Sec'y-Treas. Fay Hill, Leo Hana editor Sarah Allday, Action chair Marion Saunders, and program chairs Anna Hoover (Natural Resources), Cathy Filson (Juvenile Justice) and Anne Lee (Government). Off-board people are working hard too: AnneMarie Duca and Alice Njus head Voters' Service, Caroline Ingersoll runs Schools and Dorothy Marsh keeps the inter-national trade fires going. More on The Group in a later issue.

In these pages, you will read about the ACTION we've already taken: on reapportionment, hazardous waste disposal, and fundraising. And you'll see what ACTION is in store: on formation of a Maui league, legislative interviews and lobbying.

Rhoda Miller

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