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Hazardous Wastes in Hawaii Discussed

Sign Up for Legislative Interviews

Would you like to jump right into the heart of the legislative process? In a very short-term project?

Then apply to be a member of a Legislative Interview team. If you are a new member you will be paired with "old hands" to go to the chairman of a legislative committee to discuss League concerns. This will happen before the official Legislative opening in January, 1982.

No need to feel shy - this is the best of all possible ways to begin League action!

Leaguers will go armed with specific questions on League action programs. This will not be a lobbying interview, but rather one to sound out attitudes and reactions from the legislators - so they will be doing the talking.

The information we gather is confidential and will not be released to the public. A summary of the legislators' views will be published in the December Leo Hana.

We will have a briefing session before teams set forth - you will have League publications to present - and one of the team will record general comments.

Interviews can be scheduled at yours and the legislators' convenience, and will take place in October and November.

Come join the action! Call MARION SAUNDERS (988-2635) or the LWV office (531-7448) of you wish to sign up or need more information.

Neighbor Island Leaguers should contact their president for the interviewing committee chairmen who live in your area.

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