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League Wins Reapportionment Suit (Anne Lee)
Citizen Service Brochure Planned (Rhoda Miller)
Come to State Council
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LWV/Hawaii Proposed Budget 1982-83
Legislative Update
Maui League Gains Provisional Status
Kauai Lobbies for General Plan Changes
Honolulu Gets New Home
Hilo to Undertake New Studies
Action Alert

Action Alert

Your help is needed to protect Hawaii's air. The EPA may grant the Delayed Compliance Order allowing HECO to burn 2% sulfur fuel at its Kahe plant, in spite of tremendous public opposition expressed at the February 11th EPA hearing.

We ask that you write EPA administrator Anne Gorsuch, Environmental Protection Agency, 401 M Street SW Washington DC 20460.

We continue to oppose the granting of a DCO because The Kahe plant will be allowed to exceed SO2 ambient air quality standards; S02 in combination with particles which are produced when high sulfur fuel is burned can cause serious health problems; if this DCO is granted it will set a precedent in that for the first time a source which is in compliance with state standards will be allowed to revert to massive violations only to save money and without making a commitment to install control technology.

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