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League Wins Reapportionment Suit (Anne Lee)
Citizen Service Brochure Planned (Rhoda Miller)
Come to State Council
National Issues Considered
LWV/Hawaii Proposed Budget 1982-83
Legislative Update
Maui League Gains Provisional Status
Kauai Lobbies for General Plan Changes
Honolulu Gets New Home
Hilo to Undertake New Studies
Action Alert

What We're Doing Around the State


Honolulu and state will continue as roommates at a new address: 49 South Hotel Street, Honolulu Hi. 96813. Named the Empire Building, it's a 3-story office building near the Fort Street Mall, and facing Hotel Street's base culture palaces. Same 'phone numbers.

While not in the throes of moving, Honolulu members testified before the Charter Review Commission, stressing the need for citizen participation, a non-partisan, part-time council and a clearly written charter.

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