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Hawaii County

The Hilo League spent a busy year in program, finance, and membership. They sponsored four public forums on energy: on public vs. private power development; on geothermal development in New Zealand; on sub-seabed nuclear waste disposal; on alternate fuels for automobiles. In response to a request by LWV member and county councilwoman Helene Hale, they studied county rules and testified in favor of more open rules. They wrote letters supporting extension of the Voting Rights and Clear Air Acts; supported ratification of the D.C. voting rights amendment; and Dorothy Doudna was inter-viewed on radio about ERA. Next year, local study items include energy, block grants, and county districting.

Fundraising efforts netted a gain of over $100, and an election vote count this summer will add to the coffers.

And if that weren't enough, Hilo has added a new unit - all the way over in Kona!

Birthed last November at a joint luncheon meeting, the Kona unit now boasts a mailing list of 20 members actively engaged in voter registration and a study of local recreational needs.

Dorothy Doudna
Hi. Co. pres.

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