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National Convention Report

Participating in a National Convention is an exhilarating experience. Joining more than 1200 other delegates in debates on public issues, attending a late-night caucus on League concerns, participating in book and audio-visual production exchange,

and talking with dedicated Leaguers from all over the country adds up to an informative and exciting five days. Some of the things we accomplished at Convention are:

PROGRAM: Delegates felt that League is the organization to lead the way in even-handed discussion of our most important national issue: Defense. By a vote of 732-493 the following item for study and consensus was adopted:

Focus: Evaluate U.S. National Security Policies and their impact on our domestic programs and our relationships with other nations.

Scope: (1) Define the nature of national security and its relationship to military spending.

(2)Assess the impact of U.S. military spending on the nation's economy and our ability to meet social and environmental needs.

(3)Determine the effects of U.S. military policy on our relationship with other countries.

Local Leagues were also asked to concur with New Jersey and Massachusetts on the following statement. If, after a careful study of the issue. enough local leagues concur, then National can take action on the abortion issue:

The League of Women Voters of the United States believes that public policy in a pluralistic society must affirm the constitutional right to privacy of individuals to make reproductive choices.

LWV BUSINESS: Per-Member Payment, a sensitive issue with many local leagues, was thoroughly discussed. PMP was raised $1 to a total of $12; delinquent leagues were roundly criticized, but not disenfranchised at Convention.

A survey of Convention delegates revealed that many were employed outside the home (40%); more than 90% hold League leadership positions; 84% are active in other organizations too. To meet the needs of these members, National board's proposal for a method of developing a comprehensive integrated plan to strengthen the League at all levels was adopted. A Long Range Planning Committee, composed of six local and state leaders and two national board members will present a draft plan to the '83 National Council, with a final version of the plan scheduled for the '84 National Convention. An "outside" professional consultant will assist the committee.

National will also undertake a new membership drive. Local leagues should receive kits in July, with detailed explanation and materials.

Rhoda Miller
LWV/Hi. pres.

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