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What Your State Board Is Doing

GOVERNMENT chair: Anne Lee
This committee is pursuing some aspects of the reapportionment implementation by studying the effects on districts divided by "international waters": the 3rd Senatorial and 49th House districts. They'll compare the results with a study of the 9th House district, which has always been so divided. Interviewers needed.
Initiative and Campaign Spending are also on this committee's agenda; please see HELP WANTED ads.

VOTERS' SERVICE chair: Marian Wilkins
The aborted gubernatorial debate places our Boards and Commissions brochure #1 on the list. Please see HELP WANTED ads.

NATURAL RESOURCES chair: Anna Hoover
Joan Loony represents LWV on a coalition committee to watchdog the state Water Commission as it develops a water code. Anna Hoover sits on the Air Advisory Committee, soon to report out PSD/NSR regulations; Peg Eldridge voiced our objection to "Dingell's Dirty Air Bill" in Washington, D.C.; Barbara Farwell is preparing a publication on hazardous waste, under a grant from the Hawaii Foundation; Kyoko Nitz represents LWV on the Coastal Zone Management Committee; our TV tape, Slowly Dying Embers - Nuclear Waste in the South Pacific will be picked up by PBS/TV Western Regional Conference and aired by 170 mainland stations. This is a busy committee! Care to join?

JUVENILE JUSTICE chair: Cathy Filson
The first draft of the new juvenile just-ice booklet was well received; the second draft is now being tested in schools, the juvenile intake centers and Family Court. Marti McGurk prepared the Honolulu edition; Cathy Filson will edit outer isle versions. See HELP WANTED ads if you want to work on this interesting project.

EDUCATION chair: Caroline Ingersoll
We're coordinating with the Juvenile Justice committee on upgrading educational facilities at Koolau; testifying against prayer in public schools on the basis of church-state separation; and trying to get the DOE to take responsibility for updating our well-received 1975 Parents' Guide to Schools in Hawaii.

ACTION chair: Marion Saunders
A busy pre-legislative season is planned: In November, a reception for new legislators (17-20 in the House, 3-5 in the Senate) and interviews with legislative leaders. Before the January session begins, Marion Saunders will advise local leagues on lobbying, LWV interests and priorities. She's also preparing a "How to Lobby" brochure and has provided her committee with hand-some LWV calling cards. Interviewing our legislators is a good way to begin your LWV experience; see HELP WANTED ads.


(Air - Hazardous Waste Energy - Water - CZM) Anna Hoover 373-9605 Honolulu

(Reapportionment - Open Meetings - Initiative - Campaign Spending - Ethics) Anne Lee 395-0115 Honolulu

(Boards & Commissions - Election law reform) Marian Wilkins 261-0549 Honolulu

(JJ Booklet - Koolau vocational ed. - Prevention of delinquency) Cathy Filson 961-9832 Hilo

(Schools booklet - Koolau vocational ed. - promote quality education) Caroline Ingersoll 373-3753 Honolulu

(Monitor gov't agencies - lobby at state legislature) Marion Saunders 988-2635 Honolulu

(International Trade - Nat'l Security study) Dorothy Gullicksen 955-5220 Honolulu

(Quarterly newspaper; state publications) Sarah Allday 737-8168 Honolulu

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