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Since I have the honor of standing on the shoulders of Committee Chairs, it should not be necessary for me to say much. I would refer you to the Aloha Voter listing of bills we are taking action on - which is relatively up-to-date.

Word is that there will be a floor fight on abortion! Read latest Networking. Other bills you might wish to follow:

SB911 -

Comparable Worth: establishes a Commission within DPS

HB 1025 and HB 1155 -

displaced homemakers

Leaguers have been ready and prompt in composing testimony - and the effect in the Legislature is apparent. I am stopped in corridors by such as Senator Cayetano, Representative Menor, Speaker Takane among others, to compliment the League on stands taken and to pay respects to the League as an organization that does its homework and speaks with authority.

The League has a tremendous opportunity to be heard in the Legislature and I hope each year will see us more active. We are not nearly using our full power!

We lack action in education and energy - two important areas.

Notes on Related Topics:

On March 1 Melanie Granfors of KHET-TV asked me to do the five-minute Capitol Spotlight on League legislative activity. I think it went well, but was too short to cover all areas. She expressed interest in doing one on the Voter Information Pamphlet with the League and Lt. Governor participating.

Do we need to look at our positions in light of opportunities for action, and whether there is need to better define our stands so that we are not held back by broad, general statements that are too weak to support action?

Marion Saunders

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