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League Testifies at Legislative Hearings

Reprinted from the Aloha Voter

Action chair Marion Saunders and Marian Wilkins have been busy testifying at hearings scheduled by House and Senate committees. They have been speaking in support of League positions on the various subjects under review The following are some of the testimonies they have given:

HB 275 would replace our elected School Board with an appointed board. League feels that people have expressed their preference for an elected board, and that the legislature should keep faith with the people. Also, an elected board keeps education from being politicized. Oppose. (Saunders)

HB 25 would provide for an educational coordinator position within DSSH. League suggested that it be defined as a planner rather than a coordinator. Support. (Saunders)

SOC 888 League spoke for the need of a revitalized Commission on the Status of Women. (Saunders)

SB 248
& 341 would allow for initiative. League cited the adoption of initiative by all the counties as an indication of widespread public support Support. (Wilkins)

SB 207 would give Family. Court jurisdiction over children who are in risk o being abused. Support. (Saunders)

SB 319 would repeal the Campaign Spending Law. Oppose. (Wilkins)

SB 313 would reestablish mandatory campaign spending limits. Our State Constitution requires this. Support. (Wilkins)

SB 1149 would make it difficult for candidates not to abide by voluntary campaign spending limits. Support in part. (Wilkins)

SB 315 would raise contribution limits from $2000 to $8000 in each election. Oppose. (Wilkins)

SB 554 would prohibit persons having contracts with the state in excess of $8000 from giving campaign contributions. Support. (Wilkins)

SB 779 would raise campaign contribution limits from $2000 to $5000. Would allow tax deductions of donations to all candidates rather than just the donations to those candidates who abide by spending limits Oppose. (Wilkins)

SB 896 would set a limit of 35% on the amount of fundraising expenditures that can be exempted from spending limits. Support. (Wilkins)

SB 835
& 75 would provide for a Voters Information Pamphlet. Support. (Wilkins)

In addition to the above, Marion Saunders delivered testimony written by Juvenile Justice chair Cathy Filson of our Hawaii County League:

SB 482
HB 797 Both these bills would remove Family Court jurisdiction if a minor is waived to adult court. League urged retention of Family Court jurisdiction on matters not waived.

HB 75
SB 45
et al. Numerous bills were introduced which would lower the age of waiver to adult court. Oppose.

SB 1204
HB 445 would allow certain Family Court proceedings to be open to the public. League argued for confidentiality. Oppose.

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