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Voters Service

Voters Service

Rhoda Miller and I had a meeting with Lt. Governor John Waihee and his Voter Education aide, Chuck Freedman. We discussed a League proposal for a Voters Information Pamphlet which would just cover ballot issues and be distributed by each county's major newspapers. The cost would be approximately $15,000. The idea was well received. We are holding it in abeyance until we see if there is any chance for one of the other bills for a VIP to pass. We don't think there is much chance, however. Even the Lt. Governor failed to support them except in principle. If none of these bills pass, we would probably try to have our proposal put into bill form to be introduced at the next half session.

Boards and Commissions

We are just beginning to compile the information for this publication. Trudi Zelco is in charge of finding a funding source. We estimate that $5,000 should be plenty.

Marian Wilkins

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