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National Security Topic Wingspread Conference

Leagues of Women Voters around the United States can effectively help to demystify the subject of national security for citizens. That is the consensus of experts in military policy, arms control and defense spending. These specialists briefed LWV leaders from 49 states and the District of Columbia at the Wingspread Conference on U.S. National Security held on June 9 through 11 in Racine, Wisconsin. The conference was held to prepare LWV leaders to conduct public educational programs on national security issues with emphasis on military policy, arms control and defense spending.

The security experts applauded the Leagues' undertaking the study of national security issues and held discussions on defense spending priorities and U.S. security commitments abroad. They presented two movies which depicted opposing views as to U.S. military preparedness in relation to the Soviet Union.

During the conference, representatives from West Germany, the U.S. State Department and a peace studies program took part in a discussion panel on "Euromissiles". Conference attendees also participated in an exercise which simulated a crisis in Saudi Arabia. The exercise gave participants the opportunity to examine U.S. foreign and military policy goals, and to compare those priorities derived in a crisis situation. Other sessions were held to consider priorities in defense spending and to design state citizen education programs with and without allocated funding.

The conference was chaired by Dorothy K. Powers, National Security Chair, of the League of Women Voters Educational Fund. Other participants included: Larry K. Smith, Executive Director of the Center for Science and International Affairs at Harvard University, and Frances Farley, former Utah State Senator. Smith served as the facilitator for the discussion sessions and Farley told of how citizen action prevented the basing of the MX Missile system in Utah.

Said Hawaii LWV member Cathy Filson, "It was rewarding to meet national leaders and staff and leaders from other states, and to interact with them in workshops, plenary sessions and during meals. The conference was challenging, stimulating and informative."

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