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Peter's Principles

The first "you-know-what"

In May, along with our then Vice President-Nominee Carol Whitesell, I attended the three-day LWVUS Council held in College Park, Maryland and Washington, D.C.. Of note was that of 100 or so delegates -- two from each state and the Virgin Islands -- I was the only male. Apparently, I have the Guinness Book of Records distinction of being the first "you-know-what" (which is how I introduced myself to the delegates) to head a State League. Hopefully my example will encourage other males to aspire to such positions.

I look upon the notoriety as one means to gain and increase attention, at the national level, for the Hawaii League far disproportionate to our strength. With Pat Shutt on the National Board, we will continue to exercise such influence. Also, I hope to encourage local membership growth, both male and female. Hawaii's 9% male membership, incidentally, far exceeds the 4% national average.

Enough about sex. Council was as instructive and stimulating as Hawaii Leaguers who participated in past Councils had told me it would be. To hear from and share with 50 other Leagues is nothing but interesting.

It's also calming. Whatever problems we think we have here are dwarfed by those other Leagues.

Several seminars I attended were particularly good: a panel discussion for new Presidents chaired by the Virginia, Missouri, and Alaska Presidents (the latter's last three annual meetings cost over $1,300 each just for travel expenses); a discussion on human resources/social policy programming was particularly helpful since our State Board intends to focus on this area (Muriel Roberts holds this portfolio).

The most controversial and thought-provoking discussion for me was chaired by our own Pat Shutt, who's on the Planning Committee for National.

Ten League officers, facilitated by Pat, focused on where the League should be going in the next decade. I expect some concrete proposals will be before the National Convention next May in Detroit.

One of the pleasanter meetings -- we went from 8:00AM to 10:00PM or so every day (they work you) -- was a cocktail party held by National President Dot Riding for all 50 state presidents. We discussed how full-time employed Presidents can survive; about 30-40% of us are working full-time. Dot is something else. Very impressive. So impressive I tentatively asked her to come to Hawaii next spring. She said she'd love to visit. Our State Board in June approved the invitation which we hope to combine with State Council next May or Women's Solidarity Day held by women's groups in Honolulu. We're awaiting her response.

We finished up Council by lobbying Senators Matsunaga and Inouye's offices on ERA (they're both co-sponsors) and prevention of acid rain. We heard House Majority Whip Tom Foley (D-Wash) tell us how in his over 20 years in Congress he's never met a better or more professional group than the League. Then I took five days' vacation. I needed it:

Peter Herman

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