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State Convention Adopts New Boards & Commissions Study

Delegates to the League of Women Voters State Convention on June 4 voted to conduct a new study which, among other things, would assess the possibilities for increased citizen participation in the activities and selection of members of boards and commissions.

In adopting the new study, the League recognized that all members of the more than 200 state boards and commissions are appointed by the Governor. "Some boards have only advisory powers, while others make decisions that have the force of law and can hold hearings, subpoena witnesses, and impose sanctions on citizens. This is a lot of power," the convention pointed out. Some of the questions to be considered in the study are: How does the Governor obtain names for these boards? Do certain people serve on one board after the other? How much does all this cost? Do these boards really fulfill a needed function? The study will be under the direction of Anne Lee, State Government Chair.

Delegates also agreed to continue the study of rehabilitation services for juvenile offenders, and rejected new program proposals on school prayer/meditation and curriculum.

In other convention action delegates adopted the 1983-84 State budget proposed and elected officers and directors for 1983-85.

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