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Reapportionment Update

The State League's Government Committee is currently monitoring the progress of the State Reapportionment Commission as it works to finalize proposed Legislative and Congressional plans for the 1984-1990 elections. Chair Anne Lee, Marion Saunders, and our attorney, Peter Herman, have all attended Commission meetings.

The Commission voted to use a population base composed of all Hawaii residents (which excludes nonresident military) and to maintain all single member districts. Four districts will straddle two counties. Last year's Court-ordered plan had two multi-county districts. The maximum percentage deviation between districts in the Commission's proposed plan appear to be 10% or less, well within constitutional guidelines.

The League last year convinced the Court that the Commission should minimize deviations and use the proper population base to reapportion. This is what the Commission has done. The Commission will hold a series of public hearings throughout the State starting in late November.

Final reapportionment plans will probably be submitted to the Lieutenant Governor within the next few months. The plans will then be forwarded to the U.S. Justice Department since Oahu falls under the provisions of the Voting Rights Act.

Peter Herman

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