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Transformation? CETA to JTPA

Most people are acquainted with the acronym CETA, or Comprehensive Employment Training Act. Over the past few decades this Federal-State program has provided job training and subsidies for a large number of disadvantaged individuals in Hawaii and around the country.

Since October 1, 1983, this type of program, albeit with some changes, continues under a different name, JTPA or Job Training Partnership Act. Like its predecessor, JTPA's purpose is to provide job training programs for economically disadvantaged individuals and others facing serious employment barriers.

With the transition from CETA to JTPA come a number of changes. These include: a substantially smaller budget and consequently, more emphasis on training rather than on subsidized jobs; and a commitment to partnership between the public and private sectors in attaining the goals of the program.

JTPA will be managed by a partnership between local elected officials (LEO's) and appointed representatives of the private sector or members of the Private Industry Council (PIC). The Office of the Governor will carry out many of the functions which were handled by the federal Department of Labor under CETA.

The level of funding for JTPA is now significantly lower; the current ceiling is less than half the amount CETA received in fiscal year 1979.

The JTPA on Oahu is being administered through the Office of Human Resource's Employment and Training Division in cooperation with the Oahu Private Industry Council. In Maui and Hawaii, the PIC's and LEO's have designated the local branches of the State Employment Service as the administering agency, and on Kauai, the entity is the Kauai Community College.

As part of the League's Human Resources/Social Policy activity, the Hawaii League will monitor the progress of the JTPA to assure that the goals of the program are met. The most important of these is that youth and women who most need assistance actually receive employment training.

Muriel Roberts holds the portfolio on Human Resources and is seeking a liaison person from each local League to work with her on this issue. If you are interested leave a message for Muriel at the League Office.

Muriel Roberts

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