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LWV Leaders Sought

Wanted: League leaders and potential leaders to serve on 1983-85 State Board.

Opportunities to learn, grow, influence public policy. Qualifications: commitment to LWV purpose and principles, willingness to carry out board responsibilities; League experience desirable.

The nominating committee on any level of League is a very important committee because it bears the responsibility for selecting leadership for the next biennium; and it is leadership which largely determines the effectiveness of the League.

Your State Nominating Committee is now at work preparing a slate to present to

the State Convention next May or June. Delegates will elect a state president, vice-president, secretary-treasurer, four directors and three members of the nominating committee, who will serve for two-year terms. Each local league president has received a request for help in identifying candidates for these positions. The Nominating Committee also welcome recommendations from individual League members. Recommendations may be made through your local league president or given directly to any member of the nominating committee; they should include information about the experience and abilities of the proposed candidate. All comments will be kept confidential.

Members of the State Nominating Committee are:

Carol Whitesell, Chair

Helen Griffin

Caroline Ingersoll

Mary Ellen Reed

Marian Wilkins

The proposed slate will be sent to local leagues 2 months before the State Convention (end of March). Your suggestions should reach us no later than the end of February, preferably as soon as possible. Call or write us at the League office, 49 S. Hotel St., Honolulu, HI 96813. Ph. 531-7448.

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