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State Board in Action

VOTERS SERVICE: The brouhaha about the Constitutional amendment that did not pass points out how important it is to inform the voters on the ISSUES. We'll be conferring with Lt. Gov. Waihee on this. Research on the boards and commissions brochure reveals that, because the Governor receives many names from legislators, businesses and individuals, volunteers from the community are rarely solicited. As a member of the Election Advisory Commission chair MARIAN WILKINS has made several suggestions to avoid voter fraud in future.

ACTION: Imagine a captive audience of legislators listening to an explanation of League program and procedure! That's what happened at our December coffee hour for legislators. Senate President Dickie Wong commended LWV for its organization and responsibility; chair MARION SAUNDERS out-lined our legislative concerns (see p. 2).

NATURAL RESOURCES: Chair ANNA HOOVER will be dividing her time between LWV work and the City Council, where she and CAROL WHITESELL will share a job, working for newly elected LWVer WELCOME FAWCETT. Mean-while, committee members are busy: LINDA LAI HIPP is monitoring the water issue; BARBARA FARWELL is writing a publication on hazardous waste; JOAN DAVENPORT will monitor the energy issue; PEG ELDRIDGE is helping Anna with committee administration.

JUVENILE JUSTICE: Chair CATHY FILSON re-ports that the brochure for juveniles has been tested and revised, and will be at the printer soon, with provisions for variations in procedure for each island. League member DOROTHY BREMNER is a member of a committee planning a Juvenile Diversion Program, under the aegis of Family Court judge Michael Town.

GOVERNMENT: With the cooperation of outer island Leagues, chair ANNE LEE is conducting a follow-up on reapportionment, to as-certain what problems candidates from non-contiguous districts experienced. Commit-tee members also represent LWV in coalitions for sunshine in government, campaign spending reform, initiative, and ethics.

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