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Have You Analyzed Your Reapportionment Plan Today??

A comprehensive guide to help persons to challenge or defend reapportionment plans has been published in the University of Hawaii Law Review, Volume 5, dated 1983. "Ensuring the Right to Equal Representations: How to Prepare or Challenge Legislative Reapportionment Plans," was co-authored by League President and Attorney Peter Herman and Anne Lee, chair of the League reapportionment committee.

Four major issues relevant to reapportionment controversies are the basis for the article. They involve deviation among districts, population bases, gerrymandering, and multi member districting. "Our main theme was to show what the courts have said about these areas and how to use such information in analyzing reapportionment plans," explains Lee.

"At some point along the way Peter and I realized that there was a need for a comprehensive guide to help those who challenge or defend reapportionment plans. While much has been written on the subject, we found that most were not really helpful. That's why we decided to write our own article.

"The first thing we did was to approach the editors of the University of Hawaii Law Review to see if they were interested. With their positive response, and a contract, no less, we began to research and write."

Lee says she believes the article will be a useful tool throughout the county for legislators, attorney and public interest groups.

Anne Lee

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