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Dot Ridings to Speak at Council
Water Water Everywhere, Is it Safe to Drink? (Linda Lai Hipp)
Education at Koolau: Can We Do Better? (Marty McGurk)
O Where O Where Does the Money Go!!? (Carol Whitesell)
Peter's Principles (Peter Herman)
What is Council?
League Joins HCSCH
What Happened at the Legislature (Marion Saunders)
Have You Analyzed Your Reapportionment Plan Today?? (Anne Lee)
ERA Lives!
Comparable Worth or How Much Is Your Job Worth?

League Joins HCSCH

The State League of Women Voters has become an organizational member of the Health and Community Services Council of Hawaii (HCSCH). This Organization is interested in promoting the health and social service needs for our Island people. The League has joined at the urging of Muriel Roberts, who holds the Human Services Portfolio for the State League.

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