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The importance of long range planning and restructuring LWV institutions to be more sensitive to the time constraints of the working woman were stressed by LWVUS President Dorothy Ridings recently. Ridings was the main speaker at the Hawaii State League Council held on June 2. The Council was held in conjunction with the Honolulu County Committee on the Status of Women.

Ridings called attention to the major increase in the number of women in the job market over the past 10-15 years. She pointed out that if the league is to remain viable and depend primarily on volunteer time, its institutions and committees must become sensitive to the time capabilities and constraints of the working female.

The realities of political surveying and campaigning gave rise to a lively discussion during a League sponsored Council workshop. Speakers in the workshop included Barbara Sunderland, President of Sunderland and Associates, a survey marketing firm; and Jim Rosner, creator of Marilyn Bornhorst's Politics for a Small Island campaign.

Sunderland assured league members of the relevance of sampling. "It works the same way a doctor doesn't have to drain all your blood to tell what blood type you are."

Rosner, who worked extensively with political campaigns on the Mainland, including candidates such as Ronald Reagan, imparted his ideas on image building, protection and grooming. In his words, "Winning is the Morality of Politics".

The 1984 Council was informative and thought-provoking and special mahalo is given by the State board to all those who worked to make it happen.

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